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Indicator seal (Algiz 49, 565)
  • Indicator seal (Algiz 49, 565)
  • Indicator seal (Algiz 49, 565)
  • Indicator seal (Algiz 49, 565)

Indicator seal (Algiz 49, 565)

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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We want to bring to your attention a seal indicator the Master (Algiz 49, 565)
  • Producer: LLC Algis
  • Type: rotor
  • Diameter: from 0,52 - 1,15 mm
  • Seal case material: polycarbonate
  • Sizes, mm: 28×29×12
  • Quantity in packing: 100, 1000, 5000 pieces

Design features:

  1. The seal consists of two details: case and rotor insert.
  2. The rotating rotor insert provides a cable tension at installation.
  3. Fixation of a rotor insert in the case is provided with ultrasonic deformation of material of walls of the case.
  4. The ratchet mechanism interferes with the return rotation of a rotor insert.
  5. All details of a seal are numbered that excludes a possibility of replacement or a fake of one of elements.
  6. Number on the breaking-off tag is intended for simplification of the accounting of the established seals.
  7. The transparent case of a seal allows to control integrity of a design of a seal and sealing material.
  8. Use of special dyes provides a seal luminescence in ultra-violet light.
  9. Drawing a logo of the Customer and serial number is made by the laser.
  10. At the request of the Customer drawing a graphic logo and 2D code is possible.
Installation of a seal is made manually without use of the additional equipment.
Removal of a seal from object is made by cutting of a sealing cable by nippers-bokorezami.


Seal type rotor
The recommended sealing cable (wire) diameter is from 0,52 mm to 1,15 mm
Seal material polycarbonate
Overall dimensions in the established state, mm 28×29×12
Numbering 8-unit consecutive
Logo alphabetic or graphic
Method of drawing number and logo laser engraving
Working temperature from-50 ̊ With to +120 ̊ With
Warranty period of service 5 years
Resistance to hostile environment high chemical stability
Color of a rotor insert Special characteristics
Orange fluorescent luminescence in ultra-violet light
Yellow fluorescent luminescence in ultra-violet light
Red fluorescent luminescence in ultra-violet light
Blue no
Orange (amber) no
Type of packaging Quantity of seals, piece Gross weight, kg Dimensions, mm
Polyethylene zip-package 100 0,3 150х200
Gofrokorob 1000 3,2 260х260х140
Gofroyashchik 5000 16,5 760х275х266

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 14.06.2022

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